My learning convention

My Learning Conversation


Welcome to my Learning Conversation. I am going to show you my goals that I have achieved and goals that will help me learn in the future. My work samples are on my BLOG as well as in my exercise books.

My goals that I have achieved so far are:

English: I have achieved my persuasive writing also narrative writing .

Mathematics: I have achieved my times table – 4,6,7 but I don’t know it off heart.

Personal Learning:  To do my work.

Interpersonal Learning: choose the right people to work with.


Please let me show you the work that is on my BLOG that I have been doing as part of my Learning.




Now I am going to tell you the goals I would like to achieve this term.

English: For my goals I would like to achieve on my punctuation  .

Mathematics: My learning goal is to know my times table just like that .

Personal Learning : I can focus on my work .

Interpersonal Learning : chose the people that won’t distract me .


Thanks Mum and Dad for coming today and sharing my learning journey.

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