Performing arts reflection

capturedvideo image In semester 1 I learnt about : mime : – to use body language in a performance . – to use face expression to stand out in the performance . clowning this semster were still learning about clowning inclusive  games me and tanshia we made a games and me and tanshia made a game it was fun I hoped others liked it because I sure did . This is my semster 1 reflection   The semster 4 performing arts semester 4 2014 image

What I have learnt –  different dancing – I learnt different facts about New Zealand – I learnt different facts about other country’s – other people talent – I got to work with different people get to no more of people

what I enjoyed – I enjoy performing in front of the group – olsc got talent – heritage project – getting out there – organising olsc got talent – working as a team to make a performance

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